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Strengthening European healthcare together: Share your facility’s climate adaptation efforts by September 2024

Strengthening European healthcare together: Share your facility’s climate adaptation efforts by September 2024

The LIFE RESYSTAL project invites you to help strengthen the knowledge base on climate adaptation in European healthcare.

LIFE RESYSTAL aims to increase climate adaptation capacities of the European healthcare sector, and facilitate and promote healthcare climate resilience. As climate-related weather events such as heatwaves, floods, and water scarcity become increasingly prevalent, healthcare facilities must adapt their operations and infrastructures to these new realities in order to protect public health. To advance this work, the project has launched a new survey seeking examples of climate adaptation initiatives from healthcare facilities across Europe.

This survey, developed by project partner University of Cambridge, seeks information on cases where facilities have made structural or nature-based interventions to mitigate the physical risks posed by climate change. This could include modifications to buildings, such as improved thermally efficient windows or shades, or changes to the surrounding environment, like the creation of green spaces to manage flood risks.

If your organisation has implemented any such measures, we invite you to share your experiences by completing our survey. Your input will help us build a comprehensive database of climate adaptation strategies in the healthcare sector. By participating, you will be contributing to a valuable resource that details how hospitals are responding to climate change, the rationale behind these efforts, the associated costs, and the specific interventions being made.

The survey will remain open until September 2024. The results will be summarised and published online later in the year. Additionally, all participants will receive a copy of the summarised findings via email. Your contributions will not only inform the broader healthcare community but also help shape future climate adaptation strategies.

Join us in our effort to strengthen European healthcare climate resilience. 

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