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Webinar recording | Getting started with healthcare climate resilience

Webinar recording | Getting started with healthcare climate resilience

On 7 February, we organised a webinar for healthcare professionals to learn about future-proofing their healthcare facility against the impacts of climate change. A climate-smart resilience plan is essential for any healthcare system to protect community health. 

An increase in the frequency of extreme weather events is just one example of how climate change affects patient health and hospital operations – the overall effect is much wider and puts an immense amount of pressure on healthcare staff. To ensure that care can continue, despite the worsening impacts of climate change, every healthcare system in Europe must prepare for these impacts and future-proof its infrastructure.

In this webinar we:

  • Provided an overview of our project and the tools being developed to improve the climate resilience of European healthcare systems, including our unique community approach to resilience.
  • Introduced the framework for climate-resilient health systems we’re currently developing, including tools and methodologies for healthcare facilities to create preparedness plans and implement blue and green infrastructure measures.
  • Showcased the resilience measures being implemented by CH Millau, one of our pilot hospitals.
  • Invited healthcare facilities to join our Scaling network, a European network for healthcare climate resilience that will help foster an exchange of best practice.



Are you a health facility interested in contributing and getting involved with the project? Now is the perfect opportunity to join the Scaling network.

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